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Bluetooth NFC Rainbow LED Lights and Music Speaker with FM Radio


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A Bluetooth NFC enabled music Speaker with Rainbow LED lights that changes as per the beats of the music.

It also has FM radio and SD Card slot for MP3 Player.

You can also connect to your phone to use it as speaker phone or answer any incoming calls with a built in mic.

It is an indoor/outdoor speaker with shock proof, dust proof and weather proof and total cordless with built in battery that will last for 8 hours.

Feature List:

  • Super bass speaker with 2 speakers and LED light which have 4 colors.
  • Sound controls the LED light flash different color according to the music.
  • The LED light brightness can be dimmed or brighten with color selection.
  • Great FM Radio Reception, which can search more than 10 radio station in sequence in auto tune mode.
  • Huge battery capacity, can play more than 8 hours.
  • Talk Time: 8 hours,
  • Bluetooth Play Time: 8 hours
  • TF Card Play Time: 8 hours
  • Max TF Card Memory: 32G
  • Support Play Mode: Auto sort loop Play and breakpoint memory play.
  • The Speaker Specification:40MM3W,output:6w
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz,Sensitivity:100 db5db
  • SNR:90DB,Distortion:open_mouth:.5%
  • Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth Communication Range: More than 30 ft.
  • Power Supply: Built-in Lithium battery.
  • Adapter: Micro USB Port, 3.5 AV input Port,
  • Dimension: 6.5 inch wide X 2 3/4 inch tall

Three colors to choose from.

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