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Waterproof Bag for you Smartphone with Music Out Jack and Waterproof Headphones


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Waterproof bag with Audio out Jack with waterproof headphones. Now go to the beach with your phone and never worry about taking it out of the water proof bag as it also has touch sensitive screen so you can use the phone while in the bag. It has a armband to take your device with you in the water or to keep your hands free. It is IPX8 waterproof rates that is about 60 feet under water it can remain intact.

Made from weatherproof water proof plastic with which can hold iphone or samsung galaxy phones with out any problem.

Comes in Black , White , Pink , Blue , Orange ,lime Green


  • Waterproof Bag for your Smart phone up to 60ft that is IPX8 standard
  • Comes with Water Proof headphones.
  • Audio out jack for 3.5mm headphones
  • Seal Tight lock for waterproof
  • Touch sensitive clear cover that will work with you smart phone.
  • Shoulder Strap included
  • Adjustable Armband with velcro.

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Black, White, Pink, Blue, Orange, Lime Green


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